Stop Animal Cruelty

Get it? / JK

Spotted outside Elysian Brewing. This one has a really fun design, I love how the horse is kind of just prancing. 

From F to K

Nice. / JK

Stickerers really hate this guy. One time I spotted Jeff Bezos on Capitol Hill, so I know he potentially sees all this Amazon/Bezos hate. Keep it up. This reminds me of that one scene from SpongeBob. One moment:

These Are Getting So Intricate

Spotted in the anarchist jurisdiction. / JK

Never graffiti-snitch, Jonathan. 

Okay, Breathe...

Lots to love about this sunny day. / JK

Let’s listen to Mr. Rogers. Go out and enjoy the weather while it lasts, my friends. A quick meditation on death before you do.


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