Either Way You Say It, It Still Sucks

Thank you to the kind SP follower who sent me this. ANON

I'm not going to rehash all of J.K. Rowling's transphobic comments here, but for those of you who did not spend a ridiculous amount of your childhood reading and watching the Harry Potter series, here's what this sticker is referring to:

Keep Portland in Your Thoughts

The top is covered by you get the idea. JK

Thanks, Skam. I'm headed that way—do you need a ride?

Poet Alert!

Mother. JK

Would love to get to the bottom of the meaning of this sticker. Part of me thinks that (Sylvia) Plath ESPECIALLY means you have to say you're sorry.

My People

It's hard being this beautiful! JK

I don't know what this creature is, but I love it. 

Maybe You Need to See This

Oooooo that shine... JK

This Beyoncé song popped into my head reading this!

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