She's Reflective

Spotted on the Timbre Room patio, duh. JK

I feel like this would be the brand of popper that the gays in Bros would use. Seriously though!

The Thing about Time...

What a clever placement. JK

Forgot where I saw this one, but it was definitely on the same night as the poppers one above. The thing about me is that I'm a big Goodbye Press fan. Love all their stickers, weird water bottles, and elaborate tees. S-tier shit.

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...and that ass. JK

Nothing inherently sexual about this, but the peach emoji screams "booty" to me. 

All My Homies Hate the Male Gaze

Oh, I'll tell you where to take your male gaze... JK

Thanks for the manifesto, PigBomb

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at