For some of y'all, it isn't THAT hard... JK

Okay, millennial! In 2023, being earnest is in. Thanks, Kolby Rowland!

Nya Nya Nya Nya (the Sound of Me Gnashing My Teeth)

That little water drop. JK

Spotted this one outside the U District light rail, but I've been seeing them pop up in other neighborhoods too. I kind of love that it looks like one of those "hot" stickers that go on deli items in grocery stores. At least, I think that's the reference. Anyway, a star sticker, email me if it's yours.  

Backwards Apostrophe

I need like 100 of these stickers. JK

Listen, it's the weekend. People drink and go out and think that the whole world is theirs to touch and admire. They are wrong! Don't touch anyone you don't know! PLUR, baby!

Two for One

Shot. JK
Chaser. JK

I saw these both on a rainy night in Beacon Hill this week, just a block or two away from one another. Obviously, hilarious. I imagine some polycule in Seattle is absolutely melting down (there always is), but I wish those people the best of luck. I hope whoever this sticker was intended for saw it and reflected upon it and themself.

Another Interpretation of "Moms Love Me"

Hehehehe. JK

Thanks to this sticker, I have this song stuck in my head for some reason. Sharing it here, duh:

What Was It That Gandhi Said Again?

AH! Yes, that's it. JK

Be your own daddy, which is to say take care of yourself, love yourself, spoil yourself, and make sure you get home safe. See you next week. 

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at