There’s a scene in the hit 1991 film Mannequin on the Move in which Meshach Taylor (America’s sweetheart) plays a bouncer at a club, and four guys kind of crouch-walk past him, legs scuttling. He glances their way and laughs, “Ah, the crab dudes.” It is a very cute, weird, funny moment that is never explained. Nor does it need to be. 

In tribute to The Crab Dudes, let us attend The Fremont Dungeness Festival, which is part of Ballard SeafoodFest. Revel, Local Tide, and Aslan Brewing host this party full of tasty, crabby dishes paired with appropriate beers and local psychedelic funk band The Whags. Expect sourdough dipped in crab fat butter, crab dashi, and a dessert involving blackberries and darjeeling honey. Tickets are $145 – not cheap, but crab fans aren’t just paying for the food and ambience. This is one of those ~experiences~ that you’ll remember long after it ends. It’s what The Crab Dudes would have wanted.

Fremont Dungeness Festival parties this Saturday, July 16, from noon to 4 pm at Revel in Fremont.