Here’s a hot tip for event organizers: If you want people to show up for whatever your thing is, I am once again begging you to make the details obvious. Maybe it’s appropriate that a “Wes Anderson Movie Night” is so twee and adorable it can’t be bothered to explain exactly (1) when it’s happening, (2) where it’s happening, or (3) how to buy tickets.

What we do know is that the Summer Solstice Night Market will hold an outdoor screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel, a very enjoyable film that I would like to see, on July 16. The event listing says the movie starts “as early as” 5 pm and also sometime between 9 and 9:30 pm. It says seating will open at 7 pm and will begin at 8 pm. It will be held “on the grass” somewhere in South Lake Union—presumably that means Denny Park, but there’s no indication exactly which lawn is the right one—and there will be no on-site tickets, so you must buy them ahead of time through “Evebtbrite” at $15 a pop for general admission or $25 for “all day happy hour,” which probably applies to the entire Night Market and not just the movie??? Probably? Ah, the mysteries of life. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel will screen sometime after the sun goes down (let’s assume) on July 16, somewhere near the Summer Solstice Night Market at the Discovery Center near Denny Park.