Folks, I am doing everything in my power to stop myself from griping about how it’s been over a century and we still haven’t managed to stop personal automobiles from ruining Pike Place Market. You know that already! It’s old news! Let’s move on and talk about something positive!

For example: The Market is celebrating its birthday soon. Birthday, hooray! (It’s 115 years old, just like Gerald Ford.) To mark to occasion, Daily Dozen Doughnut Company is giving away free doughnuts and hot beverages to the first 115 people who stop by their special tent in Pike Place Market on Wednesday, August 17. That seems pretty nice! August isn’t exactly the time of year when I’m hankering for a hot drink but I won’t turn down a free pastry.

The Market hasn’t publicized any other birthday events, BUT there’s always something good going on there, even if it’s just an opportunity to get lost browsing old books or gawking at fish. Of note is the upcoming Sunset Supper fundraiser, which takes place a few days later and provides an opportunity to sample the wares of nearly 100 different local chefs.

So! Perhaps the best way to celebrate this milestone is not by waiting for a bunch of big organized events, but by creating your own Pike Place Market experience. See you there... on foot.

Pike Place Market’s birthday is Wednesday, August 17. Doughnut giveaway starts at 9 am (!) under a tent near the big clock and sign.