Embark on your own little treasure hunt this weekend with two different reasons to go exploring for hidden treats. The first event marks the 20th anniversary of geocaching, the practice of reading online clues to track down little easter-egg-y capsules hidden around various cities. It starts at Fisher Pavilion near the Space Needle, with a full day of events for dedicated geocachers: There’ll be workshops, Q&A with experts, a concert, and more. Or you can just wander off and look for caches as a sort of choose-your-own-adventure, which is what the hobby is all about.

Also Saturday: Local gay softball team Sasssquatch Vintage will hold a scavenger hunt as a fundraiser for the upcoming World Series games. For $40, your team gets a bunch of clues that will lead you from one gay bar to another, all the way from Mad Pub down to The Comeback. (Bring comfy shoes, because WHEW that is a hike.) There are cash prizes for the fastest treasure-hunters, but the real treasure is the trade we cruised along the way.

The Geocaching Anniversary Celebration is Saturday, August 20 from 10 am to 5 pm at Fisher Pavilion. The Sasssy Scavenger Hunt is the same day starting at noon at Madison Pub.