Reboot Theatre Company performs Jesus Christ Superstar at Theatre Off Jackson through November 19. Colin Madison Photography



"one of the greatest noirs in history: Touch of Evil": It's a great film in its way, but I never can get past Charlton Heston as a Mexican. (Marlene Dietrich as a Mexican is also hard to take, but her role isn't as prominent.) Even in 1958, there must have been Mexican actors who could have played the part at least as well as Heston, although of course, the dumb guys who ran Universal would never have agreed to it. (They were so dumb that they ultimately pushed Welles out of the film and had several scenes reshot, because Welles's versions were too unconventional for their philistine tastes.)


The dude who owns Ben & Esther's is a worker-mistreating, "I can't be racist, my wife is Latina", "rich white men are the real victims" bullying sack of shit who caused the entire staff of one B&E's PDX location to walk out en masse. He's well-known in Portland for being absolute garbage. I'm begging you people to do some - any! - research.


You people?

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