The Love & Sex Issue 2024

I Find My Love Awake

The Ram-ifications of Breaking Your Own Rules

Love in Lockup

How I Proposed to My Wife from Prison

The Books of Love

A Poem Recommendation for Every Stage of a Relationship

Where to Pickup a Copy of The Stranger's Love & Sex Issue

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Washington Needs a Strippers’ Bill of Rights

New Proposal Reduces Fees on Dancers, Increases Security

The Stranger's Love & Sex Issue

Horny Poetry! Top Shortage Confirmed! How Sex Work Built Seattle! And Hundreds of Reader Valentines!

Take a Tour of Seattle’s Former Dens of Vice

Seattle Was Built on Sex Work—and Many of Those Buildings Are Still Standing

The Stranger’s 2024 Sex Survey Results

Orgies Slightly Up, the Binary Is Breaking, and Seattle’s Top Shortage Confirmed

Hundreds of Reader Valentines

Roses Are Red, You’re Looking Cute, One of These Love Notes May Be About You

Valentine’s Day finds us all in different seasons of the heart. Some of us are gushing with love for one, two, or even ten partners. Others are falling in, out, or around love. Some are mourning love’s loss, some are praising its absence, and some are working hard on learning to love themselves.

Poets have been thinking about all of this stuff for millennia, and in their carefully crafted or mad little scribbles we can find some guidance, or, at least, some much-needed company.

To help you suffer or savor whatever weather you’re facing, I’ve hung poem recommendations in decision trees based on the primary stages of relationships. I hope you find what you’re looking for. <3

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