Don't miss the Block Party at the Station on Saturday. Naomi Ishisaka

Scrambling for something to do this weekend? We've got you covered, with plenty of last-minute options that don't require advance planning and won't cost you more than $10. See them all below, including Pride-related events like the PrideFest Film Fest and the Queer Magic Dance Party; the Fremont Solstice Fair and other summer solstice-related events like the Solstice Night Market Pop-Up in South Lake Union and Bloco Pacifico's Festa do Sol at the Royal Room; and other community celebrations like Block Party at the Station and the Grand Opening for Jimi Hendrix Park. For even more options, check out our complete Things To Do calendar, where you can get our tips on cheap things to do for Father's Day and take a gander at the best films to see this weekend.

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1. U-District Art Walk
This art walk happens the third Friday of every month and features art in cool funky business of the U-District such as Chaco Canyon, Cafe Solstice, Gargoyles Statuary, Moksha, and Trabant Coffee & Chai.
(University District, free)


2. Beer & Board Games
Play fun games and drink three four-ounce beer samples from Iron Horse for a great price. The first 24 players will get a souvenir pint glass, and there will be raffles throughout the evening.
(Queen Anne, $5)


3. Broken Trail
Polish your cowboy boots and swing to Western Washington's pop country band Broken Trail at everyone's favorite Seattle honky-tonk.
(Green Lake, $5)

4. Colossal Boss, Swamp Doctor, the Hangtown Marshalls
Rocker four-piece Colossal Boss have hit the road in an effort to share their blues-infused melodies and high energy live sets. They'll be joined by Swamp Doctor and the Hangtown Marshalls.
(Shoreline, $8)

5. Cool American, Turtlenecked, Curse League, Dog Mountain
Portland buds Cool American make "dorito pop," getting their name from how Cool Ranch Doritos are marketed in other countries. They'll be joined by Turtlenecked, Curse League, and Dog Mountain.
(Eastlake, $5-$10)

6. The Corporate Elles
The all-lady Corporate Elles will play a live set of blues, country, and rock in four-part harmony.
(West Seattle, free)

7. Dionvox with Ilen Halogram and Juicy Moment
Soak in sinister electro party vibes with underground crooner Dionvox, trancy Ilen Halogram, and masher-uppers Juicy Moment.
(Belltown, $10)

8. Fourth Annual Fiddle Showcase
Get ready for the fourth annual Fiddle Showcase, with the bow-slanging talents of The Ballard Fiddlers, special musical guests, and square dancing open to everyone.
(Ballard, $6-$10)

9. The Heroine, Witchburn, Zero Down, The Plot Sickens
San Antonio rock quintet the Heroine apply their blue collar work ethic to their touring schedule, steadily gigging across the country all year long. They'll be joined by Witchburn, Zero Down, and the Plot Sickens.
(Eastlake, $8/$10)

10. Hot Flash Heat Wave, Inner Wave, Weep Wave
San Francisco band Hot Flash Heat Wave play up the sun-glazed, offbeat garage rock vibes that region is known for with their own style that layers dreamy guitar melodies over gritty grooves. They'll be joined by Inner Wave and Weep Wave.
(Seattle Center, $7)

11. Midnight Muse: Party & Dance Battle
Break out your best work at this club styles dance battle and all-night party, with DJ sets by Toya B of Women.Weed.Wifi and Timbre Room regular Howin 1000.
(Central District, $10)

12. Queer Magic Dance Party
Celebrate the season of Pride with this dance party of magical queer buds and sweet high energy jams supplied by DJ Status Apparatus. All proceeds from the door will go to Camp Ten Trees' 2017 campership fund, which helps make programs for LGBTQIA youth more financially accessible.
(Capitol Hill, $10)

13. Resistance Mixtape Release Party
The producers and proud young participants of this Youth Speaks/Totem Star Studio production, which includes 21 original songs recorded at Totem and engineered by Bubba Jones, will throw themselves and you a well-deserved party. Totem Star, incidentally, was founded by Daniel Pak of Kore Ionz and SeaMonster regular Thaddeus Turner, so this is up-and-coming Seattle talent fostering even fresher voices from Seattle's most marginalized communities.
(West Seattle, free)

14. Samba Festival Day 1: Bloco Pacifico - Festa do Sol
Conjure Brazilian sunshine at this solstice celebration of samba and other enthralling dances. Musicians will include Bloco Pacifico, Samba da Alegria. VamoLa, and Bahia-in-Motion.
(Columbia City, $10)

15. Stag, Service Provider, Pop Cycle, Sam Russell & the Harborrats
From the loins of some of Seattle's most fondly and fuzzily-remembered bands springs a virile new creation: the mighty STAG. Longtime Seattle rock statesman Ben London (Alcohol Funnycar, Sanford Arms, Burning Rivers) writes the songs. Golden-voiced perma-lad Steve Mack (That Petrol Emotion, Anodyne) sings. Fellow veterans Pete Everett (The Mellors, Tuffy), Rob Dent (Jackie on Acid, Kingsley, Sanford Arms), and Lincoln Barr (Red Jacket Mine) lend their talents on bass, drums, and guitar, respectively. The result is succinct, hook-filled American rock music in the tradition of Cheap Trick, the Cars, and Guided by Voices.
(Ballard, $10)

16. Wall of Ears, Shit Ghost, Critté, Plat3
Wall of Ears, the fine purveyors of Hive Mind and Brainthaw, are back to throw down their patented psych-out for their newest album release show with Shit Ghost (who will also be releasing an album this evening), Critté, and Plat3.
(Fremont, $8/$10)

17. WORK! Presents Maximono
Considered a real ripper on the dance floor, Maximono will descend on Seattle for a chance to blow out the Kremwerk sound system, with local support from Mikey Mars, Trinitron, Lucero, and BBecks for the latest iteration of WORK!
(Downtown, $10)

18. Young Chhaylee, Drew Martin, Kritters
Soul, R&B, and pop singer Young Chhaylee will be joined by slack-key guitarist Drew Martin for a night of genre mixing.
(Columbia City, free)


19. Camp Ten Trees Pride Mixer
Mingle and sip some champagne with volunteers at Camp Ten Trees, an LGBTQ+ camp for youth and allies concerned with social justice. You might win a Babeland toy, and if you're one of the first 20 arrivers, there'll be a gift bag with your name on it.
(Capitol Hill, free)


20. Bloomsday Reading of James Joyce's Ulysses
Calling Irish literature nerds: What are you doing for Bloomsday? If you haven't made plans yet to mark the date on which James Joyce's mammoth novel Ulysses takes place, during which the protagonist Leopold Bloom travels picaresquely through Dublin, don't sweat it. The Wild Geese Players will stage a reading of chapter seven, "Aeolus" and chapter 8, "Lestrygonians." Whether you've read the great 20th-century classic or not, this is a great way to commune in love for the possibilities of the English language. (We're not sure we should add this, but apparently Joyce set the book on June 16 to commemorate a particularly significant real-life handjob. Just so you know what you're celebrating.)
(Downtown, $10)

21. Jacques Rancourt and E. J. Koh
This evening, hear from two poets: E. J. Koh, winner of the Pleiades Press Editors Prize for the forthcoming collection A Lesser Love, and Jacques J. Rancout, winner of the Lena-Miles Wever Todd prize for the newly released collection Novena.
(Wallingford, free)

22. Kelly Garrett and Sheryl Scarborough
Two Pacific Northwest authors debut their mystery books featuring teen investigators, The Last to Die and To Catch a Killer.
(University District, free)

23. Sex Witch Slam
Meet some fellow sex witches at this slam/talent show/femme magic ritual hosted by Jacqueline Frances and Kristen J. Sollee, who're touring with their new books Striptastic! and Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive.
(Capitol Hill, $10)



24. They're All Gonna Laugh at You
You may think of Chekhov, the author of The Seagull, The Cherry Orchard, and other great big barrels of laughs, as something of a gloomy guy. Actually, even his tragedies have their hilarious parts, but as a younger writer, Chekhov produced some outright goofball farces. Sidepiece Theatre Company will adapt these "B-sides" to a Wyoming trailer park. They add, "Come experience the works of the father of modern theatre as he never intended you to."
(Greenwood, $10/$14)

25. To Burn
This play did things a little differently: First, the actors were cast, and only then was the play written. The only themes they reveal are "burning' and "anger" based on the current political climate.
(Greenwood, $10/$14)



26. Artists Damien Davis & C. Davida Ingram in Conversation
Brooklyn-based artist Damien Davis explores representations of Blackness by unpacking the ways issues of race have historically been coded in design and the digital realm. For this conversation moderated by METHOD gallery cofounder Mary Cross, Davis will enter into dialogue with Seattle artist and Stranger Genius Award winner C. Davida Ingram about the commonalities in both artists' practices: using storytelling, identity, and the collaborative process to illuminate the multifaceted ways in which images of Blackness surface in contemporary art, touching on how art can play an empowering role in creating a culture of social justice. EMILY POTHAST
(Central District, free)

27. MoPOP Summer Kickoff: A Free Night for Teens
Youthful folks, hear music by Versing and DJ Pool Water, see pop-up exhibits by local teenaged artists, browse Sound Board Alley’s new expo on Seattle underground music, and meet the Youth Advisory Board at the MoPOP—which, incidentally, you're free to tour. Open to teens.
(Seattle Center, free)


28. Always Be Kind Rewind
Always Be Clothing's sketches revisit the most iconic scenes in movies and give them odd twists.
(Greenwood, $10/$14)

29. Spec Script Takes Seattle: Gotham
Ever wonder what a TV show would look like without all that fancy camerawork and CGI and a script that makes sense? A team of comedians will invite you to perform your own mental special effects as they perform a staged reading of an invented script for a real TV show—in this case, Gotham—written by someone who has never actually watched said show. This event usually takes place in Portland; this night's reading is a special Seattle edition. The illustrious cast will include El Sanchez, Monisa Brown, Bettina McKelvey, Lewis Sequeira, Chris Khatami, and Kyle McCormick.
(Capitol Hill, $5 suggested donation)


30. Artful Dodger Seven-Year Anniversary
Party arty for Artful Dodger's seven years of providing tattoos and comics to the community.
(Capitol Hill, free)

31. Civic Saturday with Eric Liu
Eric Liu will host Civic Saturday, described as "a civic analogue to church": a service that celebrates the American civic tradition through readings, songs, silent reflection, and a sermon by Liu himself.
(First Hill, free)

32. A Day of Play with Dad
Dads (or other family members), compete with your kids on the climbing wall, on a scavenger hunt, on the disc golf course, and more. Prove that you're SUPERDAD (or super-other-family-members).
(Bellevue, $8)

33. Dirty Talk for BDSM
"Mmmm, baby, truss me up like a Christmas goose!" is something you will probably not be taught to say at this free workshop in the neighborhood's cutest little sex shop. Learn sexy ways to use your words in kink scenes; if you're very lucky, you may win some "BDSM essentials."
(Capitol Hill, free)

34. Free Tilth Alliance Garden Workshop: Heat Loving Crops
Prepare for a hot summer by learning about plants that thrive in balmy temperatures, like tomatoes, eggplants, squashes, and beans. When should you plant them? Should you build them nice special structures like trellises to play on? Do you fertilize them? Find out with Tilth Alliance.
(Wallingford, free)

35. Grand Opening for Jimi Hendrix Park
Seattle has about 400 parks, and you know what? We don't complain when they open more. We love parks. And it's especially cool that this park, Seattle's newest, bears the name of Jimi Hendrix. Seriously, before this, the guy only had a squirreled-away bust, a plaque, and a privately funded statue in his home city. Come for the ribbon-cutting and hours of wonderful music from Grace Love, Ayron Jones, Henry Cooper, Peace & Red Velvet, the Hollers, Michael Wansley, and School of Rock, plus representatives of Youth Speaks, the Northwest African American Museum, and other speakers. There'll also be food trucks, family activities, and more.
(Beacon Hill, donation)

36. Solstice All-Day Party with Dopapod and Guests
Start partying early at Nectar with music by Dopapod, High Cloud Cover, and Brass Monkeys, and dance vibes curated by DJ Harsh for the Fremont Solstice Parade. Good news, there will be a Bloody Mary bar.
(Fremont, free)


37. Block Party at the Station
Beacon Hill is Seattle’s best neighborhood. It’s changing, yes, but it remains what it has been for decades: an affordable place for Seattle’s diverse working-class, immigrant, and communities of color, complete with beautiful views, the fruit trees of orchards long past, and a “live and let live ethos” that encourages everyone to shine. Beacon Hill’s meeting place is the Station, a cafe where the baristas are artists, the artists are activists, the activists are customers, and the customers are neighbors and friends. Today the Station, along with the all-volunteer nonprofit Beacon Arts, is throwing the best neighborhood its best party. Local artists and performers include Nikkita Oliver, Dave B., Guayaba, DoNormaal, Da Qween, Raven Matthews, Taylar Elizza Beth, Massive Monkees, ZELLi, Astro King Phoenix, and many more. Food options include Chamorro, Southern, Filipino, and Jamaican fare. Unlike other so-called neighborhood block parties that bring in profits through corporate sponsorships and admission fees, this one’s supported by local businesses and is free. See you out there. ANGELA GARBES
(Beacon Hill, free)

38. Festival Cesar Chavez
Remember Cesar Chavez, a pioneer of farm workers' rights, at this community festival offering dance, speakers, and food, along with live music by Mantra, a Carlos Santana tribute band.
(South Park, free)

39. Morgan Junction Community Festival
Vendors, musicians, and the Bubble Man will all appear to entertain you in this friendly and exciting West Seattle neighborhood.
(West Seattle, free)

40. Westwood Village's Summer Street Fair
Head to Westwood Village for all your typical street fair antics: Live music, goofy games like corn hole and giant Connect Four, bouncy houses, and more. Feel free to dress in accordance with the festival's theme: "Heroes."
(West Seattle, free)


41. Moonlight Film Screening & Discussion
The Oscar-winning Moonlight, a sensitive and lovely, "vital and rare" film about a queer black boy's love, trauma, and homecoming, will be screened for free at the Y. Stay on for a discussion after the film. It might be a little too adult for kids under 17 (the organizers say).
(West Seattle, free)

42. Saturday Morning Cartoons
Saturday Morning Cartoons will get in on the Pride festivities with the rare anime Wandering Son, which follows two trans students in middle school. It's free, and you can donate to partake in some refreshments. Always followed by a post-film discussion.
(Ballard, free)

43. Torrey Pines
If you missed it before, don't make the same mistake again: Torrey Pines by Seattle's own Clyde Petersen "is a handmade film that will make you feel wholeheartedly awesome," according to former Stranger critic Jen Graves. It's a stop-motion, autobiographical magnum opus, using colorful cut-out figures, about Petersen's cross-country childhood trip with his schizophrenic mother. Push/Pull will provide snacks and drinks.
(Ballard, suggested donation)


44. Solstice Night Market Pop-Up
Enjoy the midsummer weather all evening at this market full of food trucks, craft vendors, and other pop-ups.
(South Lake Union, free)


45. Barrio Queer: Block Party After Party
Channel your Block Party energy into an after-party hosted by QTPOC dance collective Caramelo at this wee hours music zone. Toya B and Illogicalogic will DJ, with a headlining live set by Noné Tha Boo. This space is by and for queer and trans Latinx, so come correct (with respect).
(Beacon Hill, $0-$10)

46. Blacklisted
Bricktop Entertainment will bring their good vibes party back for a night of hiphop throwbacks, Soca, and African classics from DJ Surreal, with drinks and dancing into the late, late hours.
(Belltown, $5)

47. Bloco Pacifico Day 2: Festa do Sol
Keep the rhythm going after day one of the Samba Festival with Choroloco, VamoLa, Dance Brazil, Samba da Alegria, and Norma Henry.
(Columbia City, $10)

48. Boxcutter, Viveka, Head Honcho, Ten Pole Drunk
Recently formed aggressive punk group Boxcutter feature members of Agonizer, Anticulture, Human Infest, Proud Failures, Seizures, Powerhitter, Human Infest, and Serious Black. They'll be joined in their hard-crusted fervor by Viveka, Head Honcho, and Ten Pole Drunk.
(University District, $7)

49. Delilah Pearl and the Mantarays
This Vashon Island band headed by Delilah Pearl will play old-school jazz shot through with warm soul.
(First Hill, free)

50. Friction Pitch with Guests
Seattle-based alt-rock group Friction Pitch amp up their profile after the release of their latest self-titled LP.
(University District, $7)

51. Hardly Boys, Ramonda Hammer, Sleepover Club
I get giddy watching the Hardly Boys. The gleefulness of the teen friendship punk band is infectious as they belt out bop-a-long odes to hot mullets and Michael Cera (sample lyric: "Oh Canada/Thanks a lot/For this gift/From above"). The four-piece is only in town for a hot minute while they're back from college, so this is a special opportunity to soak in their charming enthusiasm and maybe, if you're lucky, their cover of Tacocat's "Hey Girl." ROBIN EDWARDS
(Ballard, $5-$10)

52. Honeybear, A Breakthrough In Field Studies, Trees and Timber, Julia Massey
Seattle-based melodic pop-twangers Honeybear play light-hearted yet fully layered music with a vast plate of influences. They'll be joined by A Breakthrough in Field Studies, Trees and Timber, and Julia Massey.
(Ballard, $8)

53. Pop Roxx
Pop Roxx brings together a collection of local musicians who will throw down some '70s rock bangers for a cheap, live set of wild energy.
(Tukwila, $5)

54. The Riffbrokers, Silver Treason, Bonneville Power
Power-pop twang hounds the Riffbrokers strain Midwestern '80s rock through a filter of British Invasion influences. They're joined by Silver Treason and Bonneville Power.
(Eastlake, $6/$8)

55. Self Defense Family, Nopes, Guests
Self Defense Family make "dark, roiling post-punk." This will be their first DIY Seattle show in a long time, with support from Nopes and additional guests.
(Eastlake, $5-$10)

56. Sleepy Genes, americas, Team Skins, Seminars
Jess Bonin expanded their solo songwriting project into Sleepy Genes, an indie alt rock group that pulls from '90s classics and bold arena-style energy. KIM SELLING
(Eastlake, $5/$8)

57. Sue Quigley with Jean Mann
Folk-rock singer-songwriter Sue Quigley will hold a concert to celebrate her fourth album release, entitled Little Wildernesses, with an opener by Jean Mann.
(West Seattle, free)

58. Ton Mus
Chill out to a free live set of jazzy Brazilian songs by Ton Mus from Gôlania, Brazil in the Bourbon Bar.
(Columbia City, free)


59. Love Is Love: A Pole Dance Revue
Witness muscular, sexy artistry from pole dancers and Emerald City Trapeze Arts students as they interpret the theme of "Love Is Love."
(Sodo, free)

60. Miscast: A Cabaret
Musical performers get cast thoroughly, perhaps disastrously against type to sing songs no one would ever ask them to sing.
(Greenwood, $10/$14)


61. Pride Prefunk
Head to Poco wine bar for its (free!) annual Pride party, complete with an afternoon of live music, wine, and celebratory cocktails. Poco promises a patio DJ set, plus a selection of 10 summer wines for tasting ($20) and discounts on bottles.
(Capitol Hill, free)


62. Seanan McGuire
Seanan McGuire (who also writes under the pseudonym Mira Grant, and who holds the honor of being the only person to appear on the prestigious Hugo Award ballot five times in one year) will share the latest installment in her Wayward Children series: Down Among the Sticks and Bones.
(Lake Forest Park, free)

63. Steve Steinberg and Rob Garratt
Two authors that write about sports will share their latest works: Steinberg's Urban Shocker: Silent Hero of Baseball's Golden Age and Garratt's Home Team: The Turbulent History of the San Francisco Giants.
(Capitol Hill, free)



64. Testing, Testing 1-2-3 Opening Weekend
Some of the coolest parts of the Burke Museum are inaccessible to the public—neither their vast collections nor their research are easy to see or appreciate as a guest. The museum is getting ready to change that at the same time they prepare for an even bigger change: the creation of an entirely new Burke Museum opening in 2019 that they hope will serve and educate the public better (which is exciting—the old Burke is a hard act to follow). Testing, Testing 1-2-3 is an exhibit that demos some of their ideas about how they might engage visitors at the new museum, including highlighting behind-the-scenes work and letting guests grab a sneak peek into their labs. During opening weekend, a Coast Salish blanket with woolly dog hair (a rare find) will also be on display, and staff from the Burke's Ethnology department will be around on Saturday from 11-12 to answer questions about it.
(University District, $10)


65. Edmonds Arts Festival
Enjoy three days of arts, entertainment, shopping, and dining, with a wide selection—they'll have (among other attractions, including more than 20 food vendors) more than 240 artist booths, three juried galleries, and over 1,000 pieces of student art.
(Edmonds, free)

66. Fremont Solstice Fair
Celebrate summer at the Fremont Solstice Fair, an event known primarily for its elaborately painted (and sometimes just wild 'n' free) nude bicyclists—but also offering tons of food, crafts, activities, performances, great people-watching, and a beer garden.
(Fremont, free)

67. Pop-Up Art and Craft Fair
A swarm of local makers will take over Bainbridge Island Museum of Art all weekend to sell metalwork, jewelry, food, soap, art, and more. Stroll around, get yourself something nice, and hear live music.
(Bainbridge Island, free)

68. Wild Strawberry Festival
This festival presses all the fair buttons: A car show, food, music, trucks, a chili cook-off, DIY and arts and crafts, and the "Burien Strawberry Jam Break Dance Battle."
(Burien, free)


69. PrideFest Film Fest Featuring "Milk" with Activist Cleve Jones
Enjoy a series of free screenings presented as part of Seattle PrideFest at Northwest Film Forum. They’ll showcase the best movies that local LGBTQ film organization Three Dollar Bill Cinema has shown in the past year—see the film schedule and watch trailers here. Plus, there will be a special Cineoke sing-along event on Saturday, and, as the highlight of the festival, they’ll host a $10 screening of the 2008 biopic Milk with Cleve Jones (an activist and author who conceived the legendary NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt). David Schmader credited Milk’s success to its “comfortably unabashed sexuality” and Sean Penn’s “quietly amazing, simultaneously lived-in and spontaneous” performance.
(Various locations, free/$10)



70. Thick as Thieves #2 Release Party
Thick as Thieves will throw a sweet party as they bring their second comics anthology issue into the world, with tunes by HHRRIISSTT, visuals by Lauren Rodriguez, "one epic-ass raffle," a photobooth, and, naturally, Thick as Thieves art.
(Capitol Hill, free)


71. Black Eyed Blonde: An Improvised Film Noir
Unexpected Productions has a tagline worthy of the most hard-boiled B-studio trailer: "Murder Isn't Always Premeditated...Sometimes It's Improvised!" Your suggestions will shape this pulpy tale of double-crossers, cold-hearted dames, and two-bit crooks.
(Downtown, $8-$10)

72. For the Record: Live Stand-up Comedy Taping
Support local comics at this showcase—the organizers' goal is to capture their unique talents on film and spread the footage far and wide.
(Bellevue, free)

73. The Game Boys: Battle for Seattle II
Four comics will sling wisecracks and battle furiously to win "ridiculous" videogames in pursuit of a tacky prize belt which they "promise wasn't an impulse purchase."
(Greenwood, $10/$14)


74. Reaching Beyond the Veil
Medium Teotl Tonilli promises to sweep aside the curtains separating the dead and the living and bring you messages from loved ones Beyond.
(Pioneer Square, donation)


75. Food Truck Round-Up: Magnuson Park
From Mobile Food Rodeo, Seattle Street Food Festival and Seattle Parks & Recreation comes the newest Food Truck Round-Up series, this time at Magnuson Park.
(North Seattle, free admission)


76. Misfit City Signing
Kiwi Smith (10 Things I Hate About You screenwriter) and Kurt Lustgarten's PNW-set comic Misfit City follows a group of bad ladies as they battle pollution and "invasive tourism." The two writers will be on hand to sign copies of this femme-centric, environmentalist adventure serial.
(Fremont, free)


77. Adult Mom, Free Cake For Every Creature, Emma Lee Toyoda
The tender hearts of upstate New York band Adult Mom make what they call "queer-indie-bittersweet-romantic-pop-music." They'll be joined at this tour stop by Free Cake For Every Creature and Emma Lee Toyoda.
(Seattle Center, $8)

78. Chromatic: A Queer Dance Night
Prep your bod for Pride a week early at this dance night for queers by queers, with DJ sets and live drag from Sharlese (KEXP, False Prophet), Gag Reflex, Tony Burns, Arson Nicki, Daphne Fauna, and Hellen Tragedy.
(Capitol Hill, $9)

79. Coral Creek with Bill McKay
Colorado roots-rockers Coral Creek pull from different folk, country, and bluegrass traditions to construct their sound. They'll be joined by Bill McKay.
(Columbia City, $7/$10)

80. Grieg Gala Jubilee Extravaganza
Honor Papa Edvard Grieg's 174th birthday with a performance by guest artists from the Norwegian composer's hometown of Bergen, soprano Reidun Horvei and pianist Inger-Kristine Riber, plus local musicians Rachel Nesvig on the Hardanger fiddle, violinist Allion Salvador, and the Grieg Gala Festival String Quartet. Mingle with the music-makers and enjoy Norwegian snacks afterwards.
(Ballard, free)

81. My Chef Presents at Substation #1
Ballard venue Substation will play host to yet another DJ night series, with the first iteration kicking off with local DJ and producer talents like Mike Schaaf, Ab3l B, Feb14, and Lobsang at the helm.
(Ballard, $8)

82. Wild Arms, Campion, Cold Soda
Seattle indie rock group Wild Arms will play an entire cover set of Radiohead's iconic album OK Computer, with openers Cold Soda and Campion.
(Ballard, $8)


83. Drag Queen Bingo featuring Freckles Riverside
Spice up your bingo habit with pretty/scary Freckles Riverside and her playmates.
(Columbia City, free)

84. Glitterpride
Finish up the Haus of Glitterbeast's monster drag season with a queer party featuring DJ Robosex Homosex on the console.
(Capitol Hill, free)

85. LGBTQ (POC focused) Listening Post
Mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver will be on hand to listen to concerns from the queer, particularly POC community. Voice your wants and worries about housing, community, equity, and anything else. Imani Sims and Briq House will host.
(Capitol Hill, free)

86. QueerlySpoken Pride Kickoff
One Million Kids For Equality's youth storytelling event will debut during Pride Month, with young 'uns sharing personal stories and nonprofit booths giving out information. The world's first gay country band, Lavender Country, headed by (says Matt Baume) "phenomenal entertainer and storyteller" Patrick Haggerty, will play before the stories.
(Capitol Hill, $10)


87. Cleve Jones
Activist Cleve Jones's When We Rise: My Life in the Movement recounts the gay liberation movement of the 1970s from the inside. He'll sign the books and speak afterwards at the Plymouth Church service.
(Downtown, free)

88. Dead Dad Club: A Father's Day Reading
Four queer authors—Julian Shendelman, Zach Ozma, Brandon Young, and J. Bearhat—will reminisce about their dads, some fondly, some not so fondly. Join these members of the Dead Dad Club for an atypical Father's Day celebration.
(Capitol Hill, free)

89. MK Czerwiec: Taking Turns
Taking Turns: Stories from HIV/AIDS Care Unit 371 is a graphic novel inspired by true stories told by HIV and AIDS patients to Czerwiec herself, who worked as a nurse at a Chicago HIV/AIDS Care Unit in 1994. Alison Bechdel (Fun Home) wrote that "through the lives and deaths of individual patients, written and drawn in documentary detail, we see the power dynamic between doctor and patient begin to shift. When cure is not an option, care takes on a new meaning."
(Capitol Hill, free)

90. Southwest Stories: The Ancient Fruitcake—What Really, Really Old Food Tells Us
The Southwest Seattle Historical Society offers monthly presentations about the history of our region—this time, they'll focus on really, really old food. (Way older than whatever it is in that container you've been conveniently ignoring at the back of the fridge.) Journalist Harriet Baskas will find meaning in the "strange stories of food that is so old, so unusual, or so meaningful that no one dares throw it away."
(West Seattle, free)

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