If you close your eyes, you can almost pretend you're still at camp—especially if you get one of Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery's limited edition s'mores kits. Courtesy of Hot Cakes

Thursday, August 10, is National S’mores Day, and to commemorate this momentous "holiday," we’ve compiled a s'mores-gasbord (sorry) of places that offer takes on everyone’s favorite childhood dessert—some of which are available year-round, and some of which are only available this weekend in honor of the occasion. The options below range from chocolate bars to milkshakes to cookies to actual s'mores, but it's hard to go wrong with graham crackers, marshmallows, smoke, and chocolate, so we're pretty sure they'll all be delicious.

1. S'mores Tart at Dahlia Bakery
Usually, a visit to the Dahlia Bakery means a huge slice of T. Doug’s triple coconut cream pie, coined “Seattle’s Favorite Dessert” by many. Not today, friends. Today you want the s’mores tart, a concoction of all things good and right in this world: chocolate ganache, a plump, smoky mallow, and a single homemade graham cracker nestled comfortably in the middle of it all. You could also try the s’mores ice cream, available at Dahlia Lounge, Palace Kitchen, Serious Pie, Serious Pie & Biscuit, and Etta’s.

2. “Mackles’more” at Hello Robin
Capitol Hill’s Hello Robin features the “Mackles'more” regularly—it’s a s'mores cookie with Theo chocolate chunks, and yes, it’s named after that Macklemore (also reportedly a Capitol Hill resident).

3. Limited Edition S’mores Kits at Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery
In honor of S’mores Day, Hot Cakes is bringing back its award-winning “s’mores kits” for one weekend only. The kits include all the ingredients you need for crafting your ideal s’more: cold-smoked chocolate, buttery graham crackers and house-made mallows (enough to make six total). They’ll be stocked in both Ballard and Capitol Hill shops starting today, while supplies last. You could also try Hot Cakes’ s’mores molten chocolate cake (roasted to order), the s’mores bar, or the s’mores cookie.

4. The S’mores Macaron at Lady Yum
Lady Yum has an impressive selection of macarons in every color and flavor, but one that is especially intriguing is the s’mores macaron. Dainty French delicacy meets scrappy, all-American amuse-bouche? It has all the trappings of a perfect hybrid.

5. S'more Cookie at Midnight Cookie Company
Fremont’s Midnight Cookie Co. is the perfect solution to your nighttime munchies, and it also just so happens that they have a special s’mores cookie on their regular menu. At $1.75, you can easily and affordably satiate your s’mores craving with this all-in-one masterpiece.

6. Complimentary Nightly S’mores at Shelter Lounge
Shelter Lounge in Ballard offers all the ingredients for making (free!) s’mores outside in its fire pit area. Anyone can have access to the nightly s’mores with the purchase of an entree.

7. The S’mores Sundae at Shug’s Soda Fountain
Shug’s Soda Fountain downtown has a cute, retro feel and a large variety of ice creams that may be transformed into sundaes. One of those elevated sundaes is the s’mores version, resplendent with marshmallows (toasted tableside—yes, really), graham cracker crumbles, and chocolate.

8. Chocolate Pie with Smoked Marshmallow at Slab Sandwiches
Slab features a year-round chocolate pie with smoked marshmallow—the perfect $6 mouth-pleaser after a meaty porchetta sandwich.

9. S’mores Days at Theo Chocolate
Theo is unveiling its new s'mores collection just in time for National S'mores Day, and besides the fact that the $5 goodies sound delicious (homemade organic graham crackers, marshmallows, and fresh Theo chocolate), the company is also donating $1 from each s'more to Mary's Place.

10. S’mores Ice Cream at Molly Moon's
Luckily for you, National S'mores Day sometimes becomes a National S'mores Month. For the rest of August, Molly Moon's will be scooping s'mores-flavored ice cream at each location, complete with graham cracker crust, marshmallow, and milk chocolate ganache. We hear there is a discernible "hint of smoked salt," and "torched marshmallow." Need we say more?
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Need s'more advice about how to enjoy today's dessert of choice? Consider a few hints from the s’mores-happy, 1993 cult classic movie The Sandlot.