Among your scary movie options for the occasion is (what else?) Friday the 13th at the Spooked in Seattle Museum.

This year, Friday the 13th happens to fall in the same month as Halloween, providing the perfect excuse for plenty of creepy concerts, scary movies, horror game nights, and other extra spooky events. We've compiled them all below, and you can also find them on our Halloween calendar, which includes more than 150 events through the end of the month.


Dial M for Murder
In Alfred Hitchcock's chilly huis clos of a murder drama, Tony Wendice hires a desperate acquaintance to off his rich wife, Margot. When the scheme goes awry, he gets lucky: Margot still has no idea who was behind the attempt on her life. As the police investigate, Tony coolly manipulates the evidence to get his plan of removing Margot back on track. Not one of Hitchcock's flashiest films, it's got the great asset of Ray Milland as the quick-thinking bastard—and will have you gritting your teeth to keep from shouting your tense indignation at the screen.

Happy Death Day
Pity poor Tree Gelbman: She starts her day as a bitchy, hungover party girl waking in a stranger's dorm, and ends it by getting horribly murdered. And then she wakes up again, in the same dorm, reliving the same events—even as she desperately tries to escape her own death, the day finishes the same bloody way. In this Groundhog Day from hell, the only escape is to solve her own slaying.

Hausu is the legendary psychedelic ghost story from Japan about a group of schoolgirls who venture into the wrong house. Blasts of crazy animation (both stop-motion and ink) rub up against live-action plot twists that will bend your brain. Unless you’ve seen Hausu, you’ve never seen anything like Hausu. DAVID SCHMADER

M.F.A. starts off with a bleakly realistic inciting incident: A college art student is raped, and the university authorities sweep the crime under the rug. When something very bad happens to the rapist, the budding artist is inspired to do something....unorthodox for her thesis project.

A Night of Slasher Films and '80s Music
Pause to consider the impressive number of slasher flicks set to synth-laden soundtracks. It's a lot. Embrace it by allowing DJ Nasty Nams and DJ Hellbound to give you the creeps with their all-vinyl sets of horror movie deep cuts, '80s synth, pop, punk, hair metal, and other witchy tunes. Also enjoy "spooky cocktails."

Spooked in Seattle October Movie Series
Every Friday in October, the Spooked in Seattle Museum hosts screenings of classic spooky films. This week, return to Crystal Lake for some primal teen butchery in (what else?) Friday the 13th, the movie that’s scared camp counselors out of sneaky sex trysts since 1980. In case you don’t know the plot: A bunch of kids hang out in an abandoned campground and are gradually dispatched by a first-person-camera killer. Odds are the gory shoestringer still has a few scares left, even after 37 years.


Bootie Seattle: Friday the 13th Halloween Pre-Party
Seattle's only all-mashup dance party throws down for an all-out celebration of the dark and twisted by paying tribute to the ultimate freakiness of Friday the 13th (as a pre-party for Halloween).

Friday the 13th Masquerade Party
Get into the seasonal spirit with this Friday the 13th party hosted by top stylist Justin Leggett and Justin Kercher, owner of Do The Extraordinary, featuring live sets by DJ Chris Anderson, @InkdFreshly from the Gorillaz, and DJ Justin Murta, and performances by Justin Hewitt and Northern Shakedown. According to the organizers, attendees "must be blacked out, sexy, and dressed to impress. A mask of some sort is required."

HeartBeat Silent Disco: Mystery Train Masquerade Party
Heartbeat Silent Sound Systems will be hosting a masquerade party that doubles as a silent disco in which nine DJs will perform sets across three train cars, and party-goers will be hooked up the whole time through their headphones. The theme is "Mystery Train" so the organizers recommend that you "bring a mask and keep it sexy." Entry is free but headphones will set you back ten bucks.

Jazz Skate
Rollerskating is an outlet for both feeling spooky and discovering great tunes in the rink. Join Seattle Women in Jazz for a night of skating in circles to spooky Halloween jazz from DJs Amanda Wilde and Robin Nunnally. There will also be karaoke and a costume contest.

Mercury's Heroes vs. Villains
Not just a dance party, this Heroes vs. Villains party pits costume against costume. Put together your best look — it can be from any part of comic, film, or literary worlds, but make sure it's staunchly on a hero or villain side — and boogie along to DJ Major Tom's best night beats for Friday the 13th.

Sin Daddies Takeover
Join Sin Daddies Social Club and a lineup of their friends Black Bone Exorcism, Derelicts, Thee Perfect Gentlemen, Sin Driver, and Projections on a Wall for a memorable Friday the 13th filled with Northwest metal.

Witch Ripper, Cloud Catcher, Hundred Loud, Infinite Flux
Four-piece stoner metal outfit Witch Ripper will be joined by Denver rockers Cloud Catcher, Seattle rock trio Hundred Loud, and Tacoma's Infinite Flux just in time for the second freakiest night of the year.

Woodshed, Custom, Stoic F.B., The Ludovico Treatment
Thunderous rockers Woodshed will headline this spooky weekend party show, with support from Custom, Stoic F.B., and the Ludovico Treatment.


Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam Vol. 13
Puppetry's already pretty strange—it involves a certain amount of suspension of disbelief to invest emotions into a bundle of cloth on strings. Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam apparently kicks the weirdness up and rides it into Bizarro Land. This edition will be extra creepy in honor of their 13th show, which opens on Friday the 13th. Spooky!

KIRO Live Halloween Special: Dracula
If you long for the good ole days of radio drama, lend your eyes and ears to Orson Welles' original blood curdling 1938 script of Dracula, featuring Dave Ross, Colleen O’Brien, Ursula Reutin, Dan Restione, and Candy Harper.

MoPOP After Dark
Drink spooky cocktails and check out MoPOP's exhibits after dark, including the new Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film showcase of horror movie props, plus Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic. This Friday's event also coincides with the Campout Cinema screening of The Dark Crystal.

Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Art Show
See work from local artists Derek Ross, Scott Filipiak, Ashley Joncas, and Craig and Casey Brookbush in this sci-fi/horror/fantasy mashup show. Stick around for a performance from Seattle trio YAR, as well as a set from DJ Dano Piano and Jake Carden, who will be providing atmospheric sci-fi theater space sounds.

SPOOKY! An Evening of Halloween Plays
It's a special edition of the Seattle Playwrights Salon, appropriate to the ominous date. They promise "monsters, mayhem, and murder" in the atmospheric Georgetown venue.

The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures
Writer, host, and producer of the podcast Lore, Aaron Mahnke, will share his illustrated exploration of the mythical creatures that lurk in the dark corners of our minds (and in the forest, allegedly). Learn about the history of the beings and "what they tell us about ourselves" and our fears.


Betrayal on Capitol Hill
Perpetual construction isn't the only betrayal on Capitol Hill—after a reception and a silent auction, delve into a sinister game night with a round of the Betrayal at House on the Hill board game. Snacks will be provided, but they recommend grabbing a bite beforehand. All proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Night Lab: Board Games and Booze
Play a round of Betrayal at House on the Hill, a haunted house-set board game that will make your Friday the 13th even spookier. To get in the mood, see screenings of the 1959 House on Haunted Hill (based on the Shirley Jackson story) and, fittingly, Friday the 13th. Don't miss Halloween drink specials and a curated selection of scary books to peruse.