I'm sure our official troll of a thousand sock puppet accounts can explain what he was trying to say in his email.


I'm trying to figure out LW's actual gripe. Is he an old skiier that resents how snowboards have taken over the mountain? An old-school Baker party boy that's never got the recognition he thinks he deserves? Or perhaps he once ran the ski shop at the resort until some millionaire investors came and made it a destination for the wealthy.

Either way, it's the plot of my new film: Hot Dog... The Movie III, the Legend of Smokey Hollow.


I think it might be written in rich-people language.

You can ask around the office, your co-workers who can afford alpine sports will probably be able to translate for you.



Surprisingly enough, dude was just blathering in today's Slog AM thread that he's an avid mountain enthusiast and headed up there for some runs this weekend! Coincidental, I'm sure....


Old men get that way, when their penises starts to fail and they sense the siren call of the tomb. It's their way of fighting against that which can not be won. It's one of the reasons we should teach cunnilingus in the public schools.


Lester never uses the word 'ski' in his piece (except for a quote describing the hut smokers interestingly) as if snowboarders were doing what has never been done before. It looks as if an old time skier is reminding him that skiers were long doing all the things that snowboarders do today.

@4 naw, the denier dude is basically a snow biker. Very different demographics from people who ski the stuff.


I'll take a stab at it, and @6 is on the right track. The Emperor feels skiers aren't well represented, and they were skiing and stoning on little used woods trails long before the snowboarders. Never mind that Breckenridge is basically a mountain sized pile of snowboarders and if one were to do a story/expose/whatever, the chances of finding an actual skier would be tricky at best.

Let's see, "out of short pants" is probably a reference to the boarders being little kids in the 1970's, they weren't able to wear their big boy/adult long pants yet. The "chutes" refers the the path through the woods. Instead of carving turns on skis, the boarders are pushing the snow off the trail, making it less ski-able. I don't know how old Lester is, but I'm guessing younger than even the "rad boarders," who are now in their '40's. So "poopy pants," still in diapers, not even old enough for short pants. Buuuurrrrnnnn...


@7 Second paragraph first sentence should have been:

Let's see, "out of short pants" is a reference to the original snowboarders being little kids in the 1970's...

Oh, and double burn for "snowflake."


@2, "Yes," to all your questions. And mega-props +1 to your movie idea, I'm looking forward to burning a fatty and watching it in the lodge.



Of course there are different kinds of rich people. Some rich people dress down, and listen to music pioneered by the poor... but they're still rich. Equipment, transportation, and lift tickets for even a single day of alpine sports are beyond the means of a third of America-- never mind the cost of doing it often enough to pick up the weird insular patois of the passtime.


@10 I hear you. Ski area skiing on a regular basis is now almost exclusively a sport for the wealthy, which wasn't the case when Kaiser Wilhelm made tracks and smoked doobies for inspiration. Skiing the backcountry is much cheaper but still demands investing in gear, training and transportation. The Seattle area has a large population that practices the outdoors on a regular basis so the lingo may not be so insular.


a sport for the wealthy? Only if you're not doing it right... A season ticket bought early is less than most city slickers spend on coffee a year... equipment can be bought cheap... depreciation is on par with cars, lots of good equipment can be had on the cheap. Or don't buy a season ticket at all...just work a couple days at the resort. I could go on... and you'll never get SAD again! Winter will be your favorite season 'cause it's fun and keeps you healthy and damn it's beautiful like an ever changing sculpture exhibit without all the artsy pretense... and that is just the tip of the iceberg, but whatever, if you don't know you don't know...



It seems just about every passtime of the wealthy has an accompanying mythology of a scruffy, hard-partying fringe subculture drawn from the lower classes... and it's been a trope in popular entertainment since Caddyshack, at least.

These manufactured "outsider" identities serve the rich, are all too enthusiastically adopted by the rich, and absolutely should be called out for what they are: myths.


@13 Locals without choice and young people who work in the ski industry/tourism sector for peanuts in order to have access to downhill skiing are not a myth. Poor Austrian farming youths are among the kings of downhill skiing. Whether the cutups widely portrayed in B movie productions reflect a reality is another matter.


LOL sport of the wealthy from those spending more monthly on lube


@15 -- they could put it on the bottoms of their shoes and coast clear to the bottoms of Queen Anne and Capitol Hills. Save tonnes on gas n' gear . . . other than shoe bottoms, and you can pIck up a dozen spares at the Goodwill for a dollar ninety-nine ea.

Might also wanna get the Insurance or at least a good video camera.



Sorry Mikey- it wasn't me who wrote the letter...

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